SHERBET KISSES original painting on canvas

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Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas. Ready to hang.

Artwork: Sherbet Kisses

Created: 2020

Artist: Sandra Vincent

Size: 25cm x 25cm x 3.5cm deep.

About the artwork: "Sherbet Kisses" is a fun pink/orange painting inspired by possibilities for the future, looking forward to the unknown. I chose my pastel warm colour palette, and drip painting to begin my painting journey for this piece. I then let the painting help me choose the direction that I will go in, with my theme in mind. I love the unknown and the beauty that paint effects can lead me to. Its a fun painting that will give your room some joy. I use the suggestion of mountains, valleys and forests regularly in my paintings,  as nature presents so many inspiring parallels with life's ups and downs.