Acrylic Paint Pouring Art Kit - CORAL

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Ever wanted to be creative but scared to start? This acrylic pouring kit (with everything you need included) is a great beginning, and functional to use as a bag afterwards. Included in your art kit is a tutorial video with step-by-step painting instructions using the exact products that you will receive in your tote bag kit. This can give you the confidence to begin, and then start creating your own designs or projects! FREE POSTAGE within AUSTRALIA.

Included in your acrylic pouring kit:

1. Signature Round Canvas 30cm (11.8 inch) This round canvas is made from 380 premium cotton duck fabric that's primed and ready to use. It's the perfect place to start your art or decor project.

Canvas Features:
  • 380 premium cotton duck
  • High density weave
  • Acid free
  • Back stapled
  • Triple coated with universal primer
  • Suitable for use with oil and acrylic paint
  • Eco-conscious unbleached cotton
  • Frame: 1.8 x 3.8cm (0.7 x 1.5in) MDF with moulded edge
  • 30cm (11.8in) diameter

2. Mont Marte Premium Pouring Acrylic Paint 120ml 4pc Set - Coral Create your own fluid art with this set of coral themed colours! These paints are pre-mixed so all you need to do is pour them onto a canvas or board to make a masterpiece.

Pouring Paint Features:

  • Ideal for acrylic pouring and fluid art
  • Pre-mixed and ready to pour
  • 4 colours (coral theme) in 120ml easy-pour bottles
  • Smooth flow with stunning results
  • Can be mixed with silicone oil to create cells
  • 4 different themed sets available (Marina, Coral)
3. Link of painting tutorial video of a round canvas being painted from start to finish. Support with any questions.