FINDING CLARITY - Original abstract painting

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Artwork name: Finding Clarity

Size: 55cm x 55cm

Description: "Finding Clarity" was based on the theme of Manifest. For this theme, I had to look at the idea of what “Manifest” means to me. I see manifest as ideas/pictures that you form in your mind about what you see your ideal life to be, your dreams and goals without limitation or hurdles. This can be a battle with your mind as it fights for control to rein in your dreams. I began the artwork by brainstorming what I really wanted to say about the subject. I then choose the colour palette to reflect these ideas. I wanted high contrast in some areas, expressing the idea that our thoughts can be our own worst enemies when trying to create the life we want. For me, its about trying to push the negative feelings back to allow yourself the freedom to be happy and reach your goals. To acknowledge that those feelings are there but push past them.

Medium: Acrylic painting on canvas ready to hang.

Created: 2019.