ART BLOG A sunset golden glow painting in progress

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ART BLOG A sunset golden glow painting in progress

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Hi All! I've really enjoyed creating large abstract water canvases lately. These are the last two art pieces that I created, and the wave painting is one that I had finished previously, but just recently stretched (as it was just on a canvas roll). I was thinking of heading into another painting like these for my next subject, as I love creating movement with the blues, greens and whites. But...I decided to enter a landscape/seascape competition, and had to change tact a little.

Washed Away - large abstract painting by Sandra VincentSomehow we'll get through - large abstract painting by Sandra Vincent  Take Me Away large abstract painting by Sandra Vincent 

As it is a landscape competition and had to reference Mornington, I could of course still use the beach as reference and inspiration, but instead of a close up abstract I felt that I needed to pull back and show a landscape/seascape view. I still wanted to keep my loose brushstrokes and abstract style but worked more closely with a particular reference shot. I wanted to show a sunset on the water as the lighting is so beautiful and found this shot that captured the beach at sunset perfectly.

Golden Glow in progress (Artist Sandra Vincent) Golden Glow in progress part 2 (Artist Sandra Vincent) Golden Glow in progress (With artist Sandra Vincent) 

Here are some progress shots (from top left - bottom right). After many hours of work, I finished it in time ready to enter the competition in time. Now just the wait to see if I am accepted.
Here's a short video of the painting in progress: 

GOLDEN GLOW painting by artist Sandra Vincent

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